Nicholas Pratt

Nicholas Pratt

Edward Jones

What is your connection to the UW Carbone Cancer Center?
Like most of the other board members, I have had family and friends affected by cancer. Most specifically my mom. The Carbone Cancer Center is a world-class facility that directly benefits patients and families going through a very tough time in their lives. Each dollar raised is another step closer to finding cures and remedies. Anything that I can do to help raise funds and awareness is worth every minute of my time.

What is your favorite ELB / UWCCC event?
Being new to the board, I am going solely off of stories at this point. However, I have seen pictures and heard that the Andy North Golf event is a great event that continues in the quest to raise funds and awareness for the CCC.

What is something interesting about you?
I haven’t missed a day of work or school due to sickness since 3rd grade.

Where is your favorite vacation spot?
Boston in the fall.

Everyone has a guilty pleasure.  What is yours?
Modern Family re-runs. My wife and I can watch the same episode twice in a week and still laugh.