Ellie Feldman

Ellie Feldman

The 608 Team- RE/MAX

What is your connection to the UW Carbone Cancer Center?
In September 2018, at age 27, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and went through 12 rounds of chemotherapy at Carbone. My chemo treatments ended in February 2019, and I had my final scan April 2019, showing complete remission! I had a wonderful experience with the UW Carbone Cancer Center, with all the nurses and doctors, and specifically my incredible oncologist Dr. Chris Fletcher.

What is your favorite ELB / UWCCC event?
There are so many great events, this year I’m looking forward to the Andy North Trivia event, which I couldn’t attend last year due to treatment. I was the patient speaker for Guarding Against Cancer last year, and that was an incredible experience to be able to share my story with over 400 people. I attended Wine, Women & Shoes recently and that was also a blast!

What is something interesting about you?
I have lived in Madison my WHOLE life. I went to Franklin/Randall Elementary, Hamilton Middle, and West High School. Finally UW-Madison where I graduated with a degree in Consumer Affairs (business from the consumer perspective). I guess you could say I love Madison..

Where is your favorite vacation spot?
My favorite place I’ve been so far was the US Virgin Islands; iguanas hung out with us on the beach, and the snorkeling outside our front door was incredible.

Everyone has a guilty pleasure.  What is yours?
Social media stalking and reality TV; specifically Bravo and all of the Real Housewives series, I’ve been watching them for over 10 years, yikes!