Cassie Padovani

Cassie Padovani

UW Health

What is your connection to the UW Carbone Cancer Center?
I’m a Nurse Practitioner at the UW (in Interventional Radiology), and we are fortunate to work with some of the amazing physicians at the Carbone in treating cancer patients. As most of what I do is based in direct patient care, I’m really looking forward to learning more in a broad sense about all the awesome work the Carbone does, especially in research and advocacy.

What is your favorite ELB / UWCCC event?
I’ve bee to the Madison 2 Munich event a few times now as a guest, and always had a blast! Can’t beat beer tasting in the fall.

What is something interesting about you?
I won the All-You-Can-East Sushi eating contest at the last bachelorette party I attended (36 maki pieces). At first it seemed like a terrible way to start the bight, but in the end, I was the last one standing.

Where is your favorite vacation spot?
I’d have to say my favorite trip so far was the 1000-mile road trip we took through Scotland. With no GPS navigation!

Everyone has a guilty pleasure.  What is yours?
I’m a beauty product junkie, and I also love foreign crime TV shows on Netflix, which I watch by myself with the subtitles on.